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The February Movie Night is 'Harriet' Friday, Feb 21st at 7pm


  Join us for the February Movie Nite, a showing of "Harriet."

Friday, February 21st

7:00 pm, Robertson Parish Hall


Harriet is a 2019 American biographical film about slave-turned-abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. The film stars Cynthia Erivo as Tubman.


In 1840s Maryland, a slave state, Araminta “Minty” Ross (Harriet Tubman) is newly married to a freedman, John Tubman, but still a slave herself on the Brodess farm, along with her mother and sister, while two other sisters had been sold to another slave owner in the South. 


Her father, also a freedman, approaches Mr. Brodess about her freedom, as Brodess’ own great-grandfather had agreed to free Minty’s mother, Harriet “Rit” Ross, and her family when she turned 45.  Even though Rit is now 57, Mr. Brodess insists they will always be slaves, and tears up the letter from a lawyer John had hired. 


Mr. Brodess dies shortly afterward and his adult son, Gideon, decides to sell Minty/Harriet as punishment.  Harriet has a vision of herself escaping to freedom, and she decides to run, but tells John to stay behind, as he would lose his own freedom if caught escaping with her. 


Harriet continues to return, guiding dozens of slaves to freedom as a conductor on the Underground Railroad, and a myth begins to grow about the person responsible, who is dubbed Moses. However, when the Fugitive Slave Act passes, the escaped slaves are in jeopardy of being brought back even from free states. 


An epilogue states she personally freed more than 70 slaves on the Underground Railroad and returned as a Union spy during the Civil War, leading 150 black soldiers, who freed over 750 slaves.


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