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St. Thomas Community Preschool


 The preschool phone number is 540-672-2337

The preschool email is stthomascommpreschool@gmail.com

The mission of St. Thomas Community preschool is to provide a balanced curriculum of age-appropriate scholastic and Christian education for preschool children in an enjoyable, socially nurturing environment.  We believe children learn best in a safe environment; one that is physically safe and one in which children feel safe to express themselves and take creative as well as intellectual risks. The program wishes to emphasize open communication with families, teacher, and students in order to create a solid partnership that supports the student.  Learning should be fun and filled with wonder curiosity, and discovery.  Children also need to learn the importance of self-discipline and manners; they must learn to get along with their peers.  Above all, preschool should be a pleasant, positive and enriching experience.; on in which the mental, physical, and emotional needs of the whole child are nurtured. To instill in children the love of learning is the overriding goal of the program.