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Lenten Evening Program

We have not yet set our 2019 Lenten Program.  

However, our Programs are Open to ALL Visitors.  There is no cost. 

As an example, our Last Lenten Program of 2018 was:

"How a Devout Muslim became a Devout Christian."      

We explored the erroneous beliefs that Muslims have about Christianity as well as the standard arguments Muslims frequently use to refute the validity of Christianity.  Arguments like:

-- Jesus never Claimed to be God, never said: "I am God"

-- God is immortal, so why would God need a  "Son"?

-- Jesus did not really "die" on the Cross [he only swooned or was substituted for another]

-- The Quran is the only "uncorrupted, perfect" book [the Bible is merely a corrupted "copy of copies, with many changes, additions, deletions, and completely different translations]

-- Islam is a religion of Peace, Mohammad only fought "defensive" battles & the 'violent' verses in the Quran refer to specific, defensive contexts

-- The "Trinity" is thinly veiled Polytheism

-- How can one person atone for another's sins?

-- The "Quran" is the only divinely written work, its elegance cannot be recreated. This is further supported by its:

Fulfilled Prophecies; the Mathematical Patterns;  the (advanced) Scientific Truths contained within, and its perfect textual preservation.

We discussed these debatable beliefs that Muslims frequently use to refute the validity of Christianity.



  • The Service of Evening Prayer begins at 5:45 pm
  • The Pot Luck Supper begins at 6 pm [please bring a dish to share]
  • The Program begins at 6:30 pm and last for one hour